Collection BC533 Osaka

Sometimes it's the simplest of designs that can be the most effective. The effortlessly stylish Osaka wall tiles are a great option if you want to optimise your bathroom wall space to create a fresh airy feeling. They have the palest of grey shades and subtle surface design. This stunning low key design reaches another level when combined with the matching wavy decor tile. Simply sublime these ceramic wall tiles are a superb choice if you want to revive and renew a tired old bathroom.

Easy to maintain these light grey bathroom tiles feature a modern matt glazed surface that not only looks good but would be a joy to take care of. Perfect for creating a tranquil relaxed space you can be sure that the Osaka wall tiles will continue to impress for all the right reasons.

Because these ceramic tiles have a neutral soothing colour palette they would suit almost any type of bathroom style. They can easily be personalised with matching or co ordinated accessories. Mix and match the plain tiles with the decor tiles to create your own unique style. Sometimes a change of texture is all you need to add interest and variety to your decor. Pale grey grouts could also be used for a subtle blended appearance