Collection KC111 KC112 KC113 KC114 KC115 KC116 Le Lacche

Effortlessly stylish the Le Lacche collection of porcelain wall and floor tiles has a fresh contemporary vibe. They are available in six flattering shades; each one perfect for todays sophisticated tastes and styles. These tiles will add a touch of class to any room, they are ideal for kitchen walls but could easily be used to great effect in a range of different areas on either walls or floors.

A soft sheen glazed surface gives these beautiful porcelain tiles a hint of luxury that everyone will appreciate. Their soothing tones are easy on the eye and their smooth surface creates an effortless easy clean surface. A long slim linear shape means that these tiles are ideal for creating fashionable herringbone patterns as well as the popular stacked or off set brick patterns. With so much to offer the Le Lacche range of tiles are a great option for any modern makeover.

With so many different ways of using these tiles you can easily create your own unique style. Also taking the time to consider your grout options can be invaluable. Grey grouts can be used practically on floor areas; choose medium shades to easily disguise accumulated day to day grime and dirt. Grey shades can also be used to create a softer retro look on walls areas too.