Slip Resistant Floor Tiles - All Tested to PTV 36 and Above (Wet Shoe Traffic)

In the UK, the HSE’s slip testing method of choice is the Pendulum.

This measures the dynamic co-efficient of friction provided by a floor surface, illustrated by a Pendulum Test Value (PTV).

The R Rating comes from a European test, which uses a ramp to asses at which angle of slope a surface becomes slippery. It is a European standard, not recognised in the UK courts. It gives a range of slip resistance rather than a precise measurement.

Slip risk classification based on Pendulum Test Values according to BS7976.

Pendulum Value Slip Risk
0-24 High
25-35 Moderate
36-64 Low
65+ Extremely Low

Please be aware that some areas are required to have a Barefoot test, which is a differing result to the Shoe test.

If required, we can carry this test out on request.