Collection BC542 BC543 Calacatta

A natural choice for lovers of style the Calacatta range of bathroom tiles will instantly uplift and invigorate your bathroom decor. They have a beautiful variegated marbled design and are available in two stunning colourways. These ceramic bathroom wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles are designed to work harmoniously together, creating a perfectly balanced calm environment; the perfect place to relax and unwind.

A sizzling combination of traditional marble pattern and contemporary up to the minute design means that this collection of bathroom tiles would appeal to a wide range of tastes. The fashionable Calacatta decor tile introduces a stylish flourish to the range giving the option to create something a little bit different texturally.

Available in either gold or silver there are twelve variations of the stunning marbled pattern appearing within the wall tiles, so there is plenty of scope to create a varied and interesting natural effect. These bathroom tiles have an energy and flow that draws you in and delights the senses. They are simply stunning and a superb option for a bathroom makeover.